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A bag for a famous person, leather bag for President Donald Trump!

?Here is a new series of joke articles about famous people and their eventual baggage if choosing a lather bag at I Medici in Firenze! 🙂

Everyone needs a bag or a wallet, everyone has to carry their things that are powerful and famous or are ordinary people.
And surely even President Trump needs to carry all the objects that are necessary to him every time he is in a meeting at the White House or on a business trip or vacation.
Of course, He will not be the one to bring his bags but he will certainly choose them, I do not believe that a person like President Trump will decide his personal things to someone else.
And if the President came to us, to I Medici in Florence e-commerce to ask we would known which bag would be the best for him.
We would certainly need guidance on what use should be made of the bag or object it needs, but yes, right, Mr President cannot tell us anything today. But We know about him, we know He is a lover of playing Golf and He often goes to play over the weekend.

This is why we thought that President Trump would be comfortable and would love a magnificent vegetable-tanned Italian leather bag in which to store everything needed for a weekend on the golf course, and the bag We would recommend to him is undoubtedly the Comfortable Duffel Leather Bag – (IM9100), 100% Italian leather duffel bag, perfect for a few days holiday.

I Medici Duffel 9100

The Duffel IM9100 by I Medici is made up of a main compartment and an inside pocket. Featuring a single gusset, Zip top closure, a zippered pocket under the flap. And then there’s room for everything: One open pocket and a pen holder, large pegs at the base, Internal large zipper pocket. Brushed brass hardware, Fabric lining Handle with a drop of 3 “. We are sure that the President Tump would appreciate the quality of an excellent Italian leather product, whose quality is certainly worthy of such an important person.

Dear Mr President Trump If you want, we will send you your bag for free to the White House, just ask but …….be careful, Mr Obama could be envied!

Why Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather is the Best Leather and it is Ecological

Yes, you want to know why we are sure that Italian vegetable tanned leather is the best in leather.

First of all, how is it produced and what is vegetable tanned leather?
It is simply: after harvesting, the raw skin is processed for storage and arrives at the tanneries. The latter buy the raw material based on the quality product they want to produce, here we are talking about Italian vegetable tanned leather.
The first phase of preparation includes depilation and purification, then there is the real tanning, the most important part of the process:
Individual tannins are extracted from trees such as chestnut, mimosa or quebracho in vegetable tanning. After the skin has gone to the fattening phase, almost always and only with natural products of animal origin. Optionally the skin could be dyed in a drum, with water-based aniline dyes which are also environmentally friendly colors to be colored.

Environment love it!

Since the 1970s, restrictive laws on environmental issues have compared to respect the environment,
But, and this is the great news, in the case of Italian vegetable tanning these were almost superfluous because, as we have seen so far, only natural products are already used.
Animal used for food are those from leather come from so it is almost without environmental impact because the process is the commitment of resources.
The tannins are in fact extracted from the bark of the trees which, therefore, are not cut but cured and conserved as a true and lasting resource.

Why us and now you prefer vegetable-tanned leather? Simple is the best

The first advantage is the ability to put in contact with your body a natural, non-contaminating or harmful product. Vegetable skin, therefore, is breathable, allows water vapor and prevents the appearance of fungi.

And you can see, the style and elegance of the leather is natural, And it is not secondary that vegetable skin does not age but matures and transforms, both in color and in gloss. The plant skin does not fear rain because, once dried, it does not show stains or halos. Not even the scratches because it is possible to make them disappear almost all with a simple woolen cloth and elbow grease. We are therefore sure that you agree with us: vegetable tanned leather is an advantage for the environment and for the customers.


That’s why we have ONLY vegetable tanned products, products I Medici di Firenze. So stay with the environment, choose vegetable tanned leather, choose the best leather bags of I Medici in Florence!

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Vintage Cars Leather Luggage

The Vintage charm of a vintage car and its Luggage

Certainly luggage, trave bags have done so much road. They tell ways of traveling, habits, and cultures of people, of times. So the suitcases for vintage cars, a fascinating accessory for travelers. For each type of traveler corresponds, in fact, a different type of baggage (from the French word “bagage”, that indicated the convoy, with the equipment following the army). From the finely decorated trunks, to the cardboard suitcases of the emigrants, from the saddlebags to the briefcase, from the suitcase to the trolley: so the baggage has changed over the centuries.

And with him the way we travel. The evolution of luggage allows us to reconstruct the way we traveled in the past, and above all the spirit with which we moved from one place to another. In the Middle Ages, for example, the nobles were made to build removable furniture so that it was possible to transport them from one fiefdom to another. In the 1700s there was no aristocratic family that did not undertake a journey with carriages overloaded with trunks and hat boxes.

Today the luggage is something that you can choose between many different material and design, but nothing is so perfect for vintage cars as leather travel bags are.

Our beautiful suitcase by I Medici of Florence are made entirely of genuine leather with entirely handmade manufacture, excellently finished and is the ideal item to beautify any car, especially vintage and old cars. It can be safely used to carry anything (obviously not food and drinks!) During rallies or excursions in vintage cars, because even if beautiful it is very strong and resistant. If it seems to you to be wasted on your vintage car, you can use it to transport documents or as an old-fashioned folder. The classic and retro style gives it an ancient and precious flavor that does not go unnoticed. The quality can be seen and touched by hand (eyes) here!?


Holidays, how to choose your luggage, a few best tips

A dreamed Holiday in Tuscany, now is your time, time to discover food and Made in Italy products, high quality and food pleasure so?you really need a travel bag or?a suitcase.

That is clear: everyone loves to go on vacation and things to evaluate are many. Are you are traveling by plane?? So you have to meet a certain weight (around 15 kg) and the same is true for the size,?otherwise you will be charged for each extra Money!

But real problem is ….. not just prepare the items but also which suitcase or bag to choose?!
I Medici in Firenze have know how to advise you. You should know that there are many types of suitcases: rigid,?soft and semirigid, large, medium and small, of different materials (plastic, cloth, carbon, leather) of different colors and wheight.

Choosing the type of suitcase depends on what travel you want to do:?What do you use to? traveling? Is it?a weekend on the wine route or in the Chianti, is it a nice trip to Tuscany cities like Siena, Livorno, Florence ,Pisa? And the the purpose? Is it Adventure, business holiday? is It a relaxing tour of Uffizi or Museums?

A rigid suitcase is the best for Plane traveling. It is shock resistant, bulky, wide, waterproof the suitcase is for you: robust, for a long trip in an airplane; as you know that luggage are not handled with care. Semi-rigid and soft suitcases are perfect for traveling by train or car, when space is limited and therefore need to be adapted to the best. Yes, they are used also in the air, but we recommend to safe them with the cellophane at the airport to prevent opening and robbery.

Finally, if? you came back from Tuscany and you have not bought a leather bag, you can not miss the possibility to receive it at home directly, by choosing one of our I Medici travel bags (IM9300?or?IM9100?for example),?it will be your best travel companion.