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Vintage Cars Leather Luggage

The Vintage charm of a vintage car and its Luggage

Certainly luggage, trave bags have done so much road. They tell ways of traveling, habits, and cultures of people, of times. So the suitcases for vintage cars, a fascinating accessory for travelers. For each type of traveler corresponds, in fact, a different type of baggage (from the French word “bagage”, that indicated the convoy, with the equipment following the army). From the finely decorated trunks, to the cardboard suitcases of the emigrants, from the saddlebags to the briefcase, from the suitcase to the trolley: so the baggage has changed over the centuries.

And with him the way we travel. The evolution of luggage allows us to reconstruct the way we traveled in the past, and above all the spirit with which we moved from one place to another. In the Middle Ages, for example, the nobles were made to build removable furniture so that it was possible to transport them from one fiefdom to another. In the 1700s there was no aristocratic family that did not undertake a journey with carriages overloaded with trunks and hat boxes.

Today the luggage is something that you can choose between many different material and design, but nothing is so perfect for vintage cars as leather travel bags are.

Our beautiful suitcase by I Medici of Florence are made entirely of genuine leather with entirely handmade manufacture, excellently finished and is the ideal item to beautify any car, especially vintage and old cars. It can be safely used to carry anything (obviously not food and drinks!) During rallies or excursions in vintage cars, because even if beautiful it is very strong and resistant. If it seems to you to be wasted on your vintage car, you can use it to transport documents or as an old-fashioned folder. The classic and retro style gives it an ancient and precious flavor that does not go unnoticed. The quality can be seen and touched by hand (eyes) here!?