How to recognize the real quality leather

Buying high quality leather items is not always simple and easy as it seems if you are not choosing from I Medici in Firenze store.

Clearly you can simply choose a leather bag from us or go around and pay without worrying about the item quality, but we think that if you are looking for something special and lasting, there are some details and suggestion to follow that I Medici in Firenze could tell if you are not buying at our store (we really know you’ll never do that).

First: take care of all the details, including wires, zips and quality of metal parts. For a quick reference here we give to you the seven elements you got to know to buy a good leather bag.

1. One shot one kill: (real) Made in Italy products
Buying items of leather Made in Italy is the first element for quality leather items and handbags. And you will recognize them from the inside or outside printed logo: Made in Italy. Be careful the Made in Italy brand? is not enough to guarantee the best quality but allows you be in right direction. Then choose the named and famous Brands: as i Medici in Firenze is, a brand with a long history in quality leather production. You will need additional characteristics to find a excellent leather product, see below.

2. Carefully observe the leather
If possible examine the leather item you are about to buy, every detail, every finish, and if it is Made in Italy you will see an item of high?quality, high details creation. If not passible as with e-commerce: check for the possibility of the return of the item (we got it 🙂 ). Important: the smell. You need to smell a good scent, the genuine skin the leather is a pleasure to smell, if the leather smells good this is a quality signal. No vinyl or glue accent must be present.
High quality leather is heavier than the other type of leather, that is due to its high fiber density: so the higher is, the better the quality is.

3. The ecological Vegetable treatment?
Today, the ecological aspect of a genuine leather product is necessary, the leather products with vegetal tanning treatment allows makers to have handbags made with products that are not harmful?to our environment. And also do not cause irritation to those who use the leather bag. The vegetal tanned treatment is typical of the Tuscany area and I medici in Firenze sell only this kind of green products .

4. Check all seams
After checking the material, the stitching check is passed.The handmade seam is more durable and beautiful to see than the one made by machinery, both are great but the hand made makes the product more expensive.

5. The Price and the seller
You will never see a real quality leather bag, purse, briefcase or wallet a the price of a plastic or nylon bag because the price of the material is very different so, after checking the previous points be careful to price. Understand us: you don’t have to pay thousand of euros for a quality bag but it if very, very difficult that some one decide to sell you quality product at super discount price, if price seems unbelievable probably… it is (or the items is not good as they told you). So be careful. And last but not least: the place where you buy. You have to feel free to choose, to refuse, to came back. Buy products in place where you know they produce the leather items, buy form well known resellers.

To conclude, if you want to buy a quality leather bag you can do two things: do your tests and take your risks and go crazy buying from other sellers or more simply choosing from??wonderful leather bags offered by I Medici in Firenze, 100% high quality Italian products. That is why I Medici leather briefcases and bags are the Best!