Bags: History and Style

Briefcase, a masculine bag is born

Briefcases are probably the first and oldest form of masculine handbags for men. Naturally today briefcases, however, changed to a great deal since the days of our grandfather’s sharp-cornered case. They were so boxed and hard.From them the only traditional element still present in the modern briefcase is the shape. Now materials, details, buckles, leather exterior, and practical interior compartments help make this bag a news and modern version but also a timeless addition to any working-man’s wardrobe.

Messenger bag, the bag from the old times

This bag, the messenger bag, was create inspiring by the bags traditionally carried throughout history by guess who?  messengers naturally. It was a bag originally made from canvas and swung across the shoulder, now messenger bags have taken on a whole new meaning in today and a new look. Look around you, hipsters and professional like to go out with modern leather bags, the backpack messenger?s laid-back style will always have a classic casual flair, but today’s leather messenger tote also tell about a hint of uptown sophistication.

Duffel Bag, a little about its cool History

Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit-Bag and Smile, Smile, Smile (released in 1915) was a popular World War I’marching song. The Duffel bag acquired considerable status in the?surfer?subcultures in?California?in the fifties, invented by ex-Navy personnel and east coast?Australia?where its use became popular in the early 1960s. Carrying a duffel bag was synonymous to being cool, to be a surfie. Australian duffel bags of the early 1960s were made of canvas?and were usually light khaki or faded ochre in color. Dispensing with the use of rope to pull the eyelets of the top together, the surfie (or surfers)?would simply hold the throat of the duffel bag?containing towel, swimming trunks and other personal belongings in one hand and sling it over his shoulder. It was a great idea but  their use had died out by the mid-1960s util it was re-discovered as a luggage, a leather luggage and it’s still cool, terrifically cool.

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