Quality And Guarantees

?I Medici in Firenze? by Sciens Srl. sells only luxury goods renowned all over the world for their refinement and elegance. Our customers appreciate the quality of our products, which are sold only in the most prestigious shops of the most important cities of Europe and of the world. That is why I Medici leather briefcases and bags are the best.

Guarantee of Information on the Products

?I Medici in Firenze? offers detailed information on the characteristics of its products, including information on care and use, materials, size and manufacturing. For any specific request, please email to info@imedicifirenze.com and you will be supplied with any details on the guarantees relative to the products on sale on the portal www.imedicifirenze.com.

All repairs carried out in compliance with the guarantee of the supplier are free of charge. The producers reserve the right to repair or substitute defective items free of charge, if necessary with similar items of the same value. In the event that the guarantee period has expired, you will be sent an online estimate of the time and cost of the repair.

We request that you bear the delivery charges for any items returned for repair, be they in or out guarantee.