Order Processing

?I Medici in Firenze? uses a technology allowing retailers to sell their products and/or services online using secure credit card gateways.

Four are the subjects involved in the procedure:

  • Customer.
  • Retailer (I Medici in Firenze).
  • Paypal.
  • International Credit Card Circuits.

Order Processing Sequence:

  1. The customer visits the online shop and decides to purchase one or more items paying by credit card. He/She will be requested to fill in a form with all the details the retailer needs to fulfil the order (name, address, etc.). The confirmation page will report: ? all non-sensible data referring to the order; ? the total amount due;
  2. Sensible payment details, including the cardholder?s name and the credit card number, are entered only in an encoded and therefore secure page (PayPal encryption system) so as to guarantee the secure transmission of data via the Internet. The ?Enter? button on the order form is associated to a script that directs the customer and the page with the entered data to the payment page on Banca Sella secure server;
  3. PayPal collects the data relative to the transaction (credit card details and amount due) and transmits them to the international credit card circuits for authorisation via the same proven systems used by real POS;
  4. The card issuing bank can either authorise or refuse to authorise the transaction;

Rates And Options

Couriers and Forwarders:??I Medici in Firenze? by Sciens S.r.l. delivers its products by DHL.

Goods are dispatched to destinations in the?European Union?either by DHL?Air?Worldwide (estimated delivery time:?3/4 working days) or by DHL?Economy?Select (estimated delivery time:?5/7 working days).

Goods are dispatched to?extra-EU?destinations, including the?USA, Australia, Japan, Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America etc., by DHL?Air?Worldwide (estimated delivery time:?4/5 working days) .

Tariffs and Estimated Delivery Time

Delivery costs are added in the Cart page before proceeding to payment. Goods dispatched to?extra-EU?countries are?not?subject to?VAT.