DropShipping Program

Hi, Welcome dear Dropshipper!

“I Medici in Firenze” by Arranger Consulting S.r.l. has recently adopted the drop ship formula for selling its goods through other companies and retailers, companies and retailers as you could be.

If you are an authorized wholesaler or dealer either resident in the European Union and with a EU VAT ID  and you are interested in selling our leather products without actually keeping them in stock, our drop shipping program will allow you to purchase our products only when you have sold them.

“I Medici in Firenze” will dispatch the products directly to your customers with your invoice. For more information on our drop-shipping program contact our Drop Ship Worldwide department. Drop Ship in the EU by “I Medici in Firenze” will supply you with the infos about the products available for drop shipping with pictures and description in English and a quick and efficient logistic and delivery service through DHL.
For more information please Fill in the Form. Thank you.