Collecting Purchase Discount

We at I Medici in Firenze pay attention to our customers, we like that ad many people as can enjoy the pleasure of out first quality leather products. And we also pay attention to new ways to be customers.

We already decided to give you bes t price on line for our product, we decided to offer you a special advantage: free shipping worldwide but we would like to add you something more.

With the ongoing economic movements and changes, continuing to decrease household budgets, we have a good news for you:

if you are part of movement of people who are acting co-operatively with the aim of getting better deals on our products we will be pleased to give you a special discount.

So this is our additional discount on our prices, for collecting purchasing and shipping at same address:

  •  5 – I Medici Items additional Discount 7 %
  • 10 – I Medici Items additional Discount 12 %
  • 15 – I Medici Items additional Discount 15 %

If you would like to obtain our special discount please use the contact form


Thank you and have a nice Group Purchasing!