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A bag for a famous person, leather bag for President Donald Trump!

?Here is a new series of joke articles about famous people and their eventual baggage if choosing a lather bag at I Medici in Firenze! 🙂

Everyone needs a bag or a wallet, everyone has to carry their things that are powerful and famous or are ordinary people.
And surely even President Trump needs to carry all the objects that are necessary to him every time he is in a meeting at the White House or on a business trip or vacation.
Of course, He will not be the one to bring his bags but he will certainly choose them, I do not believe that a person like President Trump will decide his personal things to someone else.
And if the President came to us, to I Medici in Florence e-commerce to ask we would known which bag would be the best for him.
We would certainly need guidance on what use should be made of the bag or object it needs, but yes, right, Mr President cannot tell us anything today. But We know about him, we know He is a lover of playing Golf and He often goes to play over the weekend.

This is why we thought that President Trump would be comfortable and would love a magnificent vegetable-tanned Italian leather bag in which to store everything needed for a weekend on the golf course, and the bag We would recommend to him is undoubtedly the Comfortable Duffel Leather Bag – (IM9100), 100% Italian leather duffel bag, perfect for a few days holiday.

I Medici Duffel 9100

The Duffel IM9100 by I Medici is made up of a main compartment and an inside pocket. Featuring a single gusset, Zip top closure, a zippered pocket under the flap. And then there’s room for everything: One open pocket and a pen holder, large pegs at the base, Internal large zipper pocket. Brushed brass hardware, Fabric lining Handle with a drop of 3 “. We are sure that the President Tump would appreciate the quality of an excellent Italian leather product, whose quality is certainly worthy of such an important person.

Dear Mr President Trump If you want, we will send you your bag for free to the White House, just ask but …….be careful, Mr Obama could be envied!

Not only Leather Bags

We all love Italian leather bags but….we do not live only using bags! Today we will talk about leather Italian sofa!

So among the many furnishing elements the choice of the sofa is really of fundamental importance to ensure adequate comfort, the right degree of resistance and last but not least a certain level of aesthetic refinement ? this is why we want to provide you with a very practical list of the best brands of sofas able to respond impeccably to any kind of need.

In this case we have selected only Italian sofas, taking into consideration the great level of value achieved by the made in Italy precisely in the realization of these particular furnishing elements.

We will then guide you to discover the best brands of Italian sofas, underlining that each of the companies mentioned offers a vast collection of sofas in different finishes, from fabric to leather, and of course many models of decidedly modern, classic, modular and perfectly customizable inspiration.

We begin our journey to discover the best Italian brands of sofas by introducing Amura, a company that is inspired by Mediterranean warmth and beauty, perfectly combining tradition and innovation to offer its customers the maximum in terms of comfort and refinement.

Our favorites:

Arper sofas

The high bill of the Arper sofas, made with upholstered in modular or fixed version, is aimed at offering the maximum in terms of flexibility and versatility. Furnishing elements completely customizable not only in terms of choice of fabrics and finishes but also at a structural level.

B&B Italia sofas

A design that easily moves between the vintage, classic, modern and even inspirational style that we could define futuristic ? the sofas by B&B Italia are perfect for those who are looking for a quality product capable of evoking feelings of wellbeing and warm, homey warmth without giving up freedom of composition.

Cassina sofas

Among the first companies to specialize in industrial design in Italy, Cassina blends manual wisdom and technological development into its production philosophy. The result is visible in every single product made, starting precisely from the sofas, which present an immediately recognizable design that is a perfect expression of the made in Italy.

Flexform sofas

Among the best brands of Italian sofas we could not forget to mention Flexform, an important production company with offices in different countries in the world that has always been attentive to sustainability, quality and elegance. A design of inspiration that we could define as more classic, capable at the same time of looking at the contemporary, characterizes high-quality sofas destined to last over time.

Giovannetti sofas

A sparkling style that makes originality and quality its strong point ? we are talking about the sofas by Giovannetti that offers its customers truly unique pieces, in modular and modular versions that allow you to change the environment in a simple and creative way .

Lago sofas

Customizable and reconfigurable, Lago sofas are made to give shape to the seat you have always wanted for everyday life. A vast range of backrests and seats that combine with each other inspired by pure geometry, combined with the use of fine fabrics and upholstery, allow you to create the sofa of your dreams.

MDF Italia sofas

Versatile and customizable both in terms of depth and length, the MDF Italia sofas are made with solid wood structures, fine upholstery and stitching and sartorial quality details. The company guarantees high quality standards and an almost infinite range of customizations.

Molteni Sofas & C

Always a synonym of design and high quality, Molteni & C offers a wide and varied collection of sofas that perfectly combines love for tradition and a look that is always attentive to the future. Different types of structures meet as many coatings and paddings for the creation of unique furnishing elements.

Zanotta sofas

Another perfect embodiment of the made in Italy and guarantee of products of undoubted invoice is Zanotta: choosing a sofa from this house of Design will mean having a furnishing element so much sought after in terms of quality and aesthetics.

The Real Most Expensive Bag of All Times!

The bag represents for women one of those objects to which all, or almost, can not really give up. Each wardrobe of a woman contains a varied number of bags regardless of her age, style, profession or work.

There is a bag for every role that any woman hopes to cover, for every image she intends to design. Every occasion, on the other hand, recalls the right bag: those for the day, for work, for the evening, which always give that extra touch of elegance. There are also bags now become symbols, style icons. Others still of inestimable value where few “lucky” can afford to own, collect and wear.

If someone told you that the one auctioned by Christie’s is the most expensive bag ever sold in the world they told you the fake! The Herm?s Birkin model is very beautiful, with 240 diamonds and white gold buckles. To win it, it was necessary to spend a fortune, around 400 thousand euros.

But the real number one, the MOST EXPENSIVE in the world is this: the Thousand and One Nights, a heart-shaped diamond bag made by Mouawad. It is made by hand by ten artisans together, which took 8,800 hours to finish it: it is 18 carat gold, set 4.517 diamonds, including 56 pink and 105 yellow diamonds. The carats in total come to almost 400, and costs 3.8 million dollars, other than the 400k of Hermes! Anyway, if could not buy the?Thousand and One Nights by Mouawad you can still choose between our collection of Best Italian Leather Bags by I Medici of Florence!