Arranging Your bags! Some suggestions to solve!

Arranging handbags at home is an activity that will take you some time, so take a deep breath and take all the time you need. If all goes well it is a demanding job (and boring too) that you will do only once, then everything is to respect the order created.

Will you really need all the bags you have in the wardrobe? How many have you not been wearing since time immemorial? Which ones no longer meet your taste (perhaps given away by that idiot of your ex)?

Sorting and cleaning you bags, leather made, canvas made, or anything else meda, will help us to order, but also to free up space for new purchases without guilt. If among the thousand bags that crowd your closet there are some that don’t make sense anymore, there are four alternatives:

Can you believe that you can….? What? Yes, you have so much bags, and so your friends so you can…trade them!
Or you can sell them, because the luxury second-hand market is very flourishing, or…
or if they just don’t make sense anymore, give them as a present!

The best way to organize bags in the wardrobe is to divide them by occasion of use and taking seasonality into consideration. So here’s how to optimally arrange the bags in the closet, in the boxes and hung!

How to store bags in the closet
One of the possible storage places for our wonderful creations of leather goods is the wardrobe, perhaps a whole one, completely dedicated to accessories.

Shelves can be organized quite simply. We dedicate a shelf to work day bags, ordering them according to the season, another for evening clutches and clutches and another for leisure day bags. Another shelf for larger bags such as weekends or sports bags.

To better arrange the bags, we can rely on the organizers or use the matryoshka technique that involves inserting them into one another.

The best thing is that each has its own space and is kept in its protective bag.

In the boxes
The boxes make the wardrobe much tidier, especially if we have a walk-in closet or an open wardrobe.With labels we can identify each box with the models we need at a glance.

If the space in the house is what it is, we can alternatively organize the bags vertically.

There are various tools on the market that allow you to hang more bags behind the wardrobe door, behind a door or alternatively inside the wardrobe. They are space-saving solutions that can save us even from the prevailing chaos.

So…here are our suggestion and…may be you have more? Let us know!

A bag for a famous person, leather bag for President Donald Trump!

?Here is a new series of joke articles about famous people and their eventual baggage if choosing a lather bag at I Medici in Firenze! 🙂

Everyone needs a bag or a wallet, everyone has to carry their things that are powerful and famous or are ordinary people.
And surely even President Trump needs to carry all the objects that are necessary to him every time he is in a meeting at the White House or on a business trip or vacation.
Of course, He will not be the one to bring his bags but he will certainly choose them, I do not believe that a person like President Trump will decide his personal things to someone else.
And if the President came to us, to I Medici in Florence e-commerce to ask we would known which bag would be the best for him.
We would certainly need guidance on what use should be made of the bag or object it needs, but yes, right, Mr President cannot tell us anything today. But We know about him, we know He is a lover of playing Golf and He often goes to play over the weekend.

This is why we thought that President Trump would be comfortable and would love a magnificent vegetable-tanned Italian leather bag in which to store everything needed for a weekend on the golf course, and the bag We would recommend to him is undoubtedly the Comfortable Duffel Leather Bag – (IM9100), 100% Italian leather duffel bag, perfect for a few days holiday.

I Medici Duffel 9100

The Duffel IM9100 by I Medici is made up of a main compartment and an inside pocket. Featuring a single gusset, Zip top closure, a zippered pocket under the flap. And then there’s room for everything: One open pocket and a pen holder, large pegs at the base, Internal large zipper pocket. Brushed brass hardware, Fabric lining Handle with a drop of 3 “. We are sure that the President Tump would appreciate the quality of an excellent Italian leather product, whose quality is certainly worthy of such an important person.

Dear Mr President Trump If you want, we will send you your bag for free to the White House, just ask but …….be careful, Mr Obama could be envied!

Not only Leather Bags

We all love Italian leather bags but….we do not live only using bags! Today we will talk about leather Italian sofa!

So among the many furnishing elements the choice of the sofa is really of fundamental importance to ensure adequate comfort, the right degree of resistance and last but not least a certain level of aesthetic refinement ? this is why we want to provide you with a very practical list of the best brands of sofas able to respond impeccably to any kind of need.

In this case we have selected only Italian sofas, taking into consideration the great level of value achieved by the made in Italy precisely in the realization of these particular furnishing elements.

We will then guide you to discover the best brands of Italian sofas, underlining that each of the companies mentioned offers a vast collection of sofas in different finishes, from fabric to leather, and of course many models of decidedly modern, classic, modular and perfectly customizable inspiration.

We begin our journey to discover the best Italian brands of sofas by introducing Amura, a company that is inspired by Mediterranean warmth and beauty, perfectly combining tradition and innovation to offer its customers the maximum in terms of comfort and refinement.

Our favorites:

Arper sofas

The high bill of the Arper sofas, made with upholstered in modular or fixed version, is aimed at offering the maximum in terms of flexibility and versatility. Furnishing elements completely customizable not only in terms of choice of fabrics and finishes but also at a structural level.

B&B Italia sofas

A design that easily moves between the vintage, classic, modern and even inspirational style that we could define futuristic ? the sofas by B&B Italia are perfect for those who are looking for a quality product capable of evoking feelings of wellbeing and warm, homey warmth without giving up freedom of composition.

Cassina sofas

Among the first companies to specialize in industrial design in Italy, Cassina blends manual wisdom and technological development into its production philosophy. The result is visible in every single product made, starting precisely from the sofas, which present an immediately recognizable design that is a perfect expression of the made in Italy.

Flexform sofas

Among the best brands of Italian sofas we could not forget to mention Flexform, an important production company with offices in different countries in the world that has always been attentive to sustainability, quality and elegance. A design of inspiration that we could define as more classic, capable at the same time of looking at the contemporary, characterizes high-quality sofas destined to last over time.

Giovannetti sofas

A sparkling style that makes originality and quality its strong point ? we are talking about the sofas by Giovannetti that offers its customers truly unique pieces, in modular and modular versions that allow you to change the environment in a simple and creative way .

Lago sofas

Customizable and reconfigurable, Lago sofas are made to give shape to the seat you have always wanted for everyday life. A vast range of backrests and seats that combine with each other inspired by pure geometry, combined with the use of fine fabrics and upholstery, allow you to create the sofa of your dreams.

MDF Italia sofas

Versatile and customizable both in terms of depth and length, the MDF Italia sofas are made with solid wood structures, fine upholstery and stitching and sartorial quality details. The company guarantees high quality standards and an almost infinite range of customizations.

Molteni Sofas & C

Always a synonym of design and high quality, Molteni & C offers a wide and varied collection of sofas that perfectly combines love for tradition and a look that is always attentive to the future. Different types of structures meet as many coatings and paddings for the creation of unique furnishing elements.

Zanotta sofas

Another perfect embodiment of the made in Italy and guarantee of products of undoubted invoice is Zanotta: choosing a sofa from this house of Design will mean having a furnishing element so much sought after in terms of quality and aesthetics.

What is bag for a woman? Her life!

The bag for a woman is as an ID Card, where You can find a diary where, in random order, she notes dreams, pains and hopes between an aperitif with her friends and the withdrawal of the shirts in the dry cleaners. In a woman’s bag you can find sunglasses to cover the signs of a night of love passed in the arms of her man or to hide eyes that are swollen with tears. You can find the phone casket of treasures, memories and messages.

In a woman’s bag you can find the keys to her love nest, jealously guarded for fear of losing them again. You can find rubber bands and hairpins, hidden on the bottom, like a magical and secret place. In a woman’s bag you can find the wallet, which tells who she is and who she was, that keeps photos of those she loves and the money she earned with hard work, love and dedication. In a woman’s bag there are secrets, years passed and years to come, there are loves, bitter tears and laughter with friends.

It will always be too small to contain the world that she is, and too big to quickly find keys and cell phone. A woman’s bag is a whole universe that somehow tells where she comes from and where she goes. This is why it is so important to have a special bag, if you have to buy it for yourself or as a gift. Because, however small compared to our ego, it knows how to contain the survival kit for day by day life, whether it is true or psychological ?and please remember: never rummage on it if it is not your one!


Your Leather Bag…as a Lover

An Italian leather bag as a gift for every occasion, name day, birthday, Christmas is always a welcome surprise!

The reasons are endless:

every woman wants a leather bag, always. And there is no need to guess the size, it is not (so) cumbersome and represents at the same time something useful and fanciful.

Leather bags are a gift that goes well not only for every occasion, but that is good for all women: for those who want to give a bag to a friend, girlfriend, wife or mother. In our web shop there is never a lack of women’s bags of the most varied models: practical, beautiful, elegant or sporty.

A tip: when you can ?. take advantage of the sales, but if for you the bag is a matter of instinct ? then choose it as you would choose a lover, on impulse. Because bags are like husbands: before choosing one we think about it a lot but the thrill of the lover ? is unique!

Our Italian Leather Men’s Handbag

The Shoulder Bag

It is a spacious shopper bag very simple and elegant, the real solution for women that live a life at the top. It can be used everywhere: beach, work or free time! The shoulder bag is comfort wear even when the bag is loaded with women’s or kids’s (!) stuff. The wide bag with all the space you need!

The Hand Bag

Hand bag is small but it?s big enough. Think about this for a second. Think about the stuff that you want to have on you every day and then add a little more space, but only a little, just in case you need to throw one more thing when the situation demands it unexpected. Now, pay attention, this size of the handbag is right proportionate to body so you agree with us, the handbag is the party companion.

The Duffel Leather Bag

Any traveling person needs a holdall for those weekend jaunts and long weekends or three-day business trips. And you need at least one; or only one, if it is quality leather made, Italian style look. Big, bulky luggage has transformed into sleek, stylish holdalls for each occasion. The design is inspired by the duffel bag, yes,  but in leather,  they are now more refined appearance attribute a classic look to this practical  and useful tote.

The Briefcase

Briefcases are probably the first and oldest form of professional handbags. Naturally today briefcases, however, changed  to a great deal since the days of our grandfather?s sharp-cornered case. They were so boxed and hard. From them the only traditional element still present in the modern briefcase is the shape. Now materials, details, buckles, leather exterior, and practical interior compartments help make this bag a news and modern version but also a timeless addition to any working-man?s wardrobe.

The Messenger

This bag was created inspiring by the bags traditionally carried throughout history by ? guess who? ? messengers naturally. It was a bag originally made from canvas and swung across the shoulder, now messenger bags have taken on a whole new meaning in today and a new look. Look around you, hipsters and professional like to go out with modern leather bags, the backpack messenger?s laid-back style will always have a classic casual flair, but today?s leather messenger tote also tell about a hint of uptown sophistication.

Vegetable Tanned Italian Leather Back in Tokyo

A day dedicated to vegetable skin and its natural color change on November 15th 2018 was a great event: the Italian Genuine Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium organized at the Italian Institute of Culture in Tokyo.

There were over than 300 sector operators, the event “Il color of time, the color of art “. In the Exhibition Hall of the Italian Cultural Institute, for the entire day, the exhibition “The color of time, the color of art”, a mix of products from Tuscan tanneries associated with the Consortium, creations made by students, was opened to the public. international participants in the “Craft The Leather” International Design Competition organized by the Consortium and works of art made by contemporary Tuscan artists: Romano Masoni, Gianmarco Passerini, Maria Grazia Morini, Luca Macchi, Karl-Heinz Hartmann-Oels, Giuseppe Lambertucci, Riccardo Luchini, Antonio Bob?. Source: Real Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium

The Consortium’s annual event this year focused on one of the most distinctive features of vegetable skin: the slow and natural color change. To introduce the day Paolo Quagli, Board Member, who told the activities of the Consortium and its new headquarters, Casaconcia, as well as presenting the latest news regarding the restyling of the Warranty Card, or the instrument that certifies the quality, the origin and tradition of leather made by the 22 associated tanneries. To enter into the specific topic of the seminar was Dr. Gustavo Adri?n Defeo, expert in analytical chemistry and color physics, starting from a historical narration of vegetable tanning and finally arriving at the analysis of the study conducted by the Ars Tinctoria Laboratory of Santa Croce sull’Arno about the evolution of skin color to vegetable over time. A study that has shown that the color inevitably changes and acquires warmer tones even in cold colors and intensifies for a long time until you get to the characteristic tannin color. In conclusion, Simone Remi, President of the Consortium, introduced the concept of color in art, then went on to talk about Tuscan artisans and their concept of art. Speaking of these themes, we talked about the activities of Casaconcia, defined as an “exhibition center where art, artists and artisans cross each other, with exhibitions of graphics, sculpture, photography and painting, wanting to show themselves and tell their experiences”.

How To: dry a Leather Bag

Yes, you really hope it doesn’t happen but…. it rains, may occur accidents or other situations that lead to the presence of water on the accessory so: how to dry a leather bag, a few steps without damaging the material.

Nightmare: the wet leather bag! No prob Bro, we have remedies!
It’s a classic: when you forget the umbrella, or when the predictions are wrong (yes, often!), or when the children get bored, they can really cause damage, like spills in the precious leather bag. A bag of wet skin is a problem, because it is a material that absorbs and can therefore present swelling. First of all, do not panic, but intervene immediately.

Miracles could not be done, unfortunately, if bag is damaged nothing can be done, except if? an artisan performs a drastic intervention to replace the swollen skin. If you want quality leather accessories, I Medici in Firenze bags are the best solution, also for quality and price. But how to dry this garment if not damaged but wet is a risk that can compromise the quality?

Do it immediately: dab the wet bag, simple, obvious!

But how? The first step to do is to use a soft, dry cotton or flannel cloth, dab gently and without rubbing. In doing so, the moisture is absorbed and removed, but warning: rubbing may scratch the surface! It is better then to dry everything in a natural way and outside. If it is possible, the open air is a real cure, but it should not be exposed to direct sunlight, because heat can ruin and lighten the color of leather and leather in general and degrades the fibers. So, better to find a place in the shade and maybe with a little fresh breeze. But it is better not to dry it completely, to complete the routine better. It is forbidden, I repeat forbidden, to dry the bag with the hairdryer. Naturally it is also forbidden?putting it on the radiator, or near an electric heater. Any source of heat can cause damage, above all it can leave unpleasant clear spots or unsightly spots.

How to preserve the leather bag from the wet
Once the excess moisture has been removed, the accessory must be gently activated, focusing on the areas that have been wet a lot. There are mixtures of nourishing oil, balsam for skin, or specific products, which are applied by massaging them and letting them dry for several hours. The purpose is to nourish the skin, but also to reintegrate the protection that the wet washed away. It is also for this reason that, for the normal cleaning of the leather bag, aggressive detergents should not be used, or worse, washed with neutral shampoo.

If you are short of oils or protective products, sodium bicarbonate powder, talc or corn starch applied to the whole accessory and made to act for a whole night, will take the place. The next day it will become a yellowish powder that must be removed with a dry cloth. When the bag is completely dry, you can apply a linseed oil that will help to restore the gloss to the accessory and strengthen the structure.

Final secret to prevent wet problems on leather bags is… play in advance:

  • buy high quality products (as Italian leather bags usually are and our I Medici in Firenze really are)
  • buy a waterproof product in a specific skin spray, so you do not have to perform all these operations. They protect from water in a preventive manner and the bag will not be ruined.
  • Or use a beeswax cream is a natural solution that is very effective in waterproofing this material, as well as nourishing it. The bag will look like new.

How Leather Wallets Born

The production of leather goods requires love, skilled hands…. and passion!

You need all those elements combined also with the use of a raw material of the best possible quality as only vegetable tanned leather  Made in Italy could be.

Making a leather wallet, a bag, is like cooking a good food, in which the all the ingredients must be used correctly and perfectly by qualified personnel with decades of experience as I Medici in Firenze can do.  Inside the I Medici in Firenze laboratory, or better “kitchen”, where daily standard or specific products are made, all is planned and prepared to create only the best products.

Clearly in this kitchen every work is carried out strictly by hand by the best “Cooks”, with the care and attention that this ancient precious natural beautiful material requires. As you can immagine the skin needed for a soft wallet or a good bag is very different. To produce a leather object it is therefore necessary to have various types of leather, with a wide variety of colors, surface and thickness.

To start a production, all the machines for the various phases must be active and synchronized: cutting, splitting, gluing, edging, stitching and finishing are ready for your wallet. The first step is design the object on the leather, and the Italian design by I Medici is well known all over the world for quality.  Then you have to cut leather: this phase is carried out with some cutting shapes in steel, called “punches” that allow to give the first shape to the product. The punches you define the cutting position, choosing the best point for color, for surface integrity and for color uniformity and to use all the material you have prepared (that is a very important thing to have a nice price even for luxury products because that allow to obtain many wallets without waste leather). The cut is made and your I Medici in Firenze wallet received the first aesthetic structure. The face of the product is given here. After assembly, the product is assembled and mounted provisionally to verify that all components are in place, shape and leather skin are perfect. The seam is the phase that transforms a collage of pieces into a finished product. The choice of the color of the thread, its size, the measure of the point, allow a precise customization for every need. Before packaging and delivery, a final check, cleaning, and general verification. Your Made in Italy leather wallet is ready to be shipped!

Scandicci (Florence): leather and footwear exports grow and jobs increase

It is a boom in the leather and footwear sector in Scandicci: exports grow and jobs increase

It is the first leather and footwear district in Tuscany for export growth and we would be lacking: with certain numbers, Scandicci can only stand at the top of the list of those who are appreciated in the world for quality productions.

There are 357 million euros in turnover in 2017, 4761 companies and around 15 thousand employees distributed between larger or smaller companies in the sector; the result is a 10.4% increase in exports compared to 2016.

These data emerged from the study commissioned by Banca Intesa CRF and disclosed a few days ago, which pair up with about 800 more jobs in the leather sector on the Scandaro area in 2017, registered by the Chamber of Commerce and related to 2017.

There is little to say, we are talking about an area that massively drives the economy of our city, if it is true that it is true that 85% of those enrolled in the high school of leather goods and Mita are hired shortly after their achievement of the diploma; and if Venetian companies – according to what Mayor Fallani reports – they decide to relocate here to Scandicci in order to work better.


Leather Import and Export from Italy are Growing

Clearly less mediatically compared to other sectors,

the tanning industry is an excellence of Made in Italy in the world, with its mix of creativity, tradition and ability to adapt to changes in world demand.

Accomplice is a widespread willingness to invest in innovation processes, in a process that involves individual companies as well as entire supply chains developed around the districts.

On the basis of the currently available official data (which stop at the October final balance) and the trend lines, the sector should have closed 2017 with volumes of production increasing by about 3%, compared to only marginal progress in value (+ 0.7%). Values ??closely followed by all operators in the sector, considering that Italy is worth 65% of the turnover generated in this sector throughout the European Union and 19% worldwide. The players of the Peninsula each year import about 800 thousand tons of raw or semi-finished materials, worth 2.3 billion euros in 2016, and export the tanned leather in 110 countries for a value of 3.8 billion. As for the production segments, the greatest boost comes from the sale of medium-large bovine hides, while the progress of goatskins is less supported. On the contrary, the turnover of the calves (with some recovery in the last months of the analyzed period) and of the sheep is down. Trends linked to the intended use, with the car interiors that make up a very dynamic segment, while the fashion clientele (leather goods, footwear, clothing) works like a leopard spot.

In the first ten months of 2017 Italian exports of tanned hides showed a slight increase (+ 0.7%) compared to the same period of 2016, driven above all by the good trend of sales to China (+ 6%), which arrived for a difficult two years.

After seven years of continuous increases, the US market appears to be slightly slowing (-2%) and at first sight this performance could be attributed to the strengthening of the euro against the dollar. In reality this can not be the prevailing reason, if we consider that sales to the United Kingdom have increased hand in hand (+ 6%), despite the weakening of the pound compared to the single currency. As for the euro area, exports to France are growing (+ 5%), while it is falling towards Spain (-6%) and Germany (-3%). Overall, cross-border sales account for roughly three-quarters of total sales compared to just over a third of 1992. This means that in a quarter of a century, the Italian companies have been able to deeply modify not only the products but also their own way. to stay on the market to go and intercept those markets that still have a high potential for growth. In line with the Italian tradition, production is concentrated in some territories, where over time districts have developed which, focusing on the specific weight of a few, large companies, have progressively developed the whole industry chain.

The sector has 17,600 employees and 1,200 companies, data which clearly shows that most companies are small or very small. Veneto (in particular the area around Arzignano, in the Vicenza area) is by far the best equipped region on this front with 55% of the national market, followed by

Tuscany (from Santa Croce sull’Arno, in the province of Pisa, over time a large leather district has developed) is growing with its 28.5%.

And these two territories are those that in recent times have shown to enjoy better health, while some difficulties have emerged in Campania (third with 7.6%) and Lombardy (5%). Data collected by Unic (National Union of Tanning Industry), the most important global association of industrial tanning industries. Investments abroad are not lacking, but in general they are driven by the need for companies to ensure simplified access to raw materials (which in many non-EU countries suffer from protectionist restrictions), rather than by mere productive delocalisations, motivated from a lower labor cost. Traditionally, leather processing has an artisanal connotation that goes hand in hand with the introduction of innovative technologies within the production process. The worker, his skills and experience, play an essential role in the transformation of a waste of the food industry into a valuable material. That is why, despite the high seasonal peaks and the considerable fluctuations of the market, the organizational structure of the tanneries prefers the stability of relationships (permanent contracts) as a form of protection of the knowledge acquired and increased by the worker within the company. As a consequence, the use of flexible types of contracts (fixed-term contracts and temporary contracts) is limited.



The Different Kinds of Leather

The processing of leather is a true art that has been handed down for centuries, we know it well in Tuscany because it is from here that one of the best and largest tanning traditions in the world is born.
The skins worked by our artisans are the most popular and famous leathers and the reason is simple: centuries of tradition have created a unique experience, capable of enhancing the quality of the natural material at best. Of course, not all skins are the same. There are different types of leather, this allows Florentine artisans a great creative variety. Each bag of I Medici of Florence has its own special character, an unmistakable style. If you want to understand and recognize the quality with which the leather accessories are made, here are the types of leather usually used in pleating, but I Medici of Florence use only full grain.


This type is the type of leather that can be easily used to make any small leather goods and is therefore the most used leather.The typical and characteristic elements of cowhide are the smell, light but unique and the color that is initially
always clear that with the passage of time it tends to darken. The thickness of the cowhide can vary depending on the needs of use from a minimum of 0.9, very fine to coat objects to a maximum of 8 mm which makes it perfect for bags and totes. It is the one used for I Medici of Florence accessories.


This leather is mainly used for the realization of objects that require a certain rigidity as the bags for professionals: classically briefcase or document folders, belts.
The thickness can vary from 3 to 7 mm and is available in various colors and plots, which allows a very varied use and the creation of products of great quality and design.

Leather crust

The leather crust is derived from the division into two parts along the whole section of the skin creating two sheets.
The rind is the skin on the inside, the one adhering to the meat with which objects of lower quality are made, less resistant. The “flower” is the skin on the fur side of the animal and is the most valuable.


The chamois is one of the most precious leathers Suede leather is the result of a complex and complex work.
It is necessary to work the crust of the leather with the direct scraping, the skin is then subjected to oxidation tanning that employs fish oils and considerable physical effort. The chamois leather, specifically the suede crust, it is mainly used in the field of clothing and footwear.




Leather Storage and Treatment Methods Before Tanning

Are you curious to know how skin of your leather bag is treated from its removal at the time of tanning? Here are the main processes:

  •  Wet Salting: the skins are spread and stacked on top of each other between layers of salt; the brine, formed by the absorption of the moisture of the skin by the salt, penetrates into the skin, killing most of the bacteria and preserving the leather. However, not all bacteria are killed by this treatment; this leads to the formation of unsightly red spots in the skin that could lower their value. This problem can be remedied by adding naphthalene (C10H8) and salt sodium carbonate (NaHCO3 + NaCl).
  •  Brining: the skins are immersed in a saturated solution of salt and kept in continuous movement until the brine penetrates into the hides and then left to dry; this method is one of the most effective in leather preservation but sometimes inaccessible due to high costs.
  •  Chilling: the skins just removed from the carcass are frozen and transported in refrigerated wagons; the method is not commonly used because it is very expensive.
  •  Drying: the skins are placed on stones and left to dry in the sun; the non-uniformity of the stones and the impossibility to control the drying process mean that the skin can be damaged; for this reason this treatment is not widely used in modern industry.

We at the Medici in Florence we offer only products that are the result of careful research and trust in the tanneries leading the sector for decades, so our products are always safe and excellent.

Short Story of Leather Tanning

Speaking about leather there is no doubt that it is the most exclusive and elegant material created for the manufacture of bags and clothing, so, what is the history that precedes the modern use of this “must” of fashion?

Leather processing and manufacturing has very ancient origins: the earliest testimonies of rudimentary clothing created with the raw hide that primitive man derived from his hunting, the animals from the hard and dangerous prehistoric times, when man fight for his own life in each moment of the day.

First it was the use of a skin completely devoid of any treatment, that made the primitive items of clothing not lasting over time due to the natural process of decomposition to which the skin was going.

But primitive man, yes was primitive, but not stupid; he solved this problem first through drying leather, which stopped the decomposition process.

This was the firs step but not enough, in fact that made the skin stiff and difficult to work and later through rubbing with fats that could soften the dried skin. Then, the ever-increasing use of leather brings primitive man to invent and implement a new and more effective technique for processing leather and to increasingly avert the danger derived from the putrefaction of the material, the tanning technique. A first and almost unaware tanning technique consisted of immersing the material in a vegetable solution composed of water, various barks, leaves and berries that through active ingredients.

The “tannins” made the skin soft and resistant to decomposition and the improvement of this “tanning technique” meant that the skin, in Ancient Roman times, was used not only as a garment but also above all for the creation of accessories. The first true tanneries date back to the medieval age; these factories required not only a high and refined knowledge of the material but also and above all an adequate location. In fact, they arose in wooded areas rich in water and livestock in such a way as to make easily available raw materials that were used precisely in tanning. Modern tanning processes are based on the discoveries made millions of years ago by our ancestors, discoveries that

have made the leather the most modern, quality, durable, beautiful material, but with the oldest history.


Why Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather is the Best Leather and it is Ecological

Yes, you want to know why we are sure that Italian vegetable tanned leather is the best in leather.

First of all, how is it produced and what is vegetable tanned leather?
It is simply: after harvesting, the raw skin is processed for storage and arrives at the tanneries. The latter buy the raw material based on the quality product they want to produce, here we are talking about Italian vegetable tanned leather.
The first phase of preparation includes depilation and purification, then there is the real tanning, the most important part of the process:
Individual tannins are extracted from trees such as chestnut, mimosa or quebracho in vegetable tanning. After the skin has gone to the fattening phase, almost always and only with natural products of animal origin. Optionally the skin could be dyed in a drum, with water-based aniline dyes which are also environmentally friendly colors to be colored.

Environment love it!

Since the 1970s, restrictive laws on environmental issues have compared to respect the environment,
But, and this is the great news, in the case of Italian vegetable tanning these were almost superfluous because, as we have seen so far, only natural products are already used.
Animal used for food are those from leather come from so it is almost without environmental impact because the process is the commitment of resources.
The tannins are in fact extracted from the bark of the trees which, therefore, are not cut but cured and conserved as a true and lasting resource.

Why us and now you prefer vegetable-tanned leather? Simple is the best

The first advantage is the ability to put in contact with your body a natural, non-contaminating or harmful product. Vegetable skin, therefore, is breathable, allows water vapor and prevents the appearance of fungi.

And you can see, the style and elegance of the leather is natural, And it is not secondary that vegetable skin does not age but matures and transforms, both in color and in gloss. The plant skin does not fear rain because, once dried, it does not show stains or halos. Not even the scratches because it is possible to make them disappear almost all with a simple woolen cloth and elbow grease. We are therefore sure that you agree with us: vegetable tanned leather is an advantage for the environment and for the customers.


That’s why we have ONLY vegetable tanned products, products I Medici di Firenze. So stay with the environment, choose vegetable tanned leather, choose the best leather bags of I Medici in Florence!

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The Best Leather Gifts for a Man’s Graduation

A graduation gift for a man? It could be a problem! Already making any gift to a man is not so easy and imagine, and it is not so different from reality that you have to invent something original and maybe even useful for a great day like graduation is, one of the best days on man’s (and woman) life! Yet an original idea for a graduation gift to a man is a question that has been asked to us so many times so now we are ingenious and informed, ready for the quest!

Today we will see Best 3 Graduation Gift Ideas for a Man.

The best ideas that have already been successfully proposed to thousands of graduates in the past, something that is evergreen.
For every type of budget and just a click away!

1) The Wallet for Men

When it comes to men’s wallets, the best classic is the wallet for cards and banknotes, the most durable and best quality option is leather craft, with several compartments to hold cards and ATMs and the space needed to store personal documents such as identity cards and driving licenses: our?Men’s wallet in classic leather is the classic model par excellence, an old-fashioned but always current portfolio, loved above all for its practicality and comfort. The detail that makes the difference and nothing is better than our I Medici of Florence?Regent Wallet for a young man and his stylish new life.

2) The Leather Briefcase

The I Medici of Florence bags are the most fascinating and popular men’s bags of the moment. Completely in leather, they are distinguished by a design that has had the ability to really please all men. In particular, it is increasingly popular as a graduation gift for men, given the success that is also gaining among young people, the success for a new professional. We are sure, a Medici of Florence bag is simply a wonderful, truly luxurious gift, even if it must be recognized that it is also very personal. I Medici of Florence bags are many, but Classic Briefcase by I Medici is the best gift for a new graduate.

3) The Duffel Bag

The Duffel bag was born as icon in the?surfer?way of life in?California, in the fifties. But was invented by ex-Navy personnel and east coast?Australia.? So what is better for a graduate ready for new life, free time and travels as carrying a duffel bag that is was synonymous to being cool, it was re-discovered as a luggage, a leather luggage and it?s still cool, terrifically cool. So the I Medici Duffel leather bag is a great gift for the young and active new man.

Choose Your Men Bag: a Quick Guide

It is not new for men to invest a lot of money and a good dose of courage in deciding which bag to choose to complete the look.
Here we come to the rescue you from this impossibile mission, we have prepared a quick practical guide for those men who want the most beautiful and durable men’s bag, something that lasts over time and has the right style.

The Classic leather bag for men is the piece to start with if you have never had this type of accessory for men, a MUST. But do not be fooled by the classic word. Modern man is one of the thoughts our essential briefcase bag is perfect for any kind of occasion.

But what about a backpack? It still remain the model that probably all men at some point in their life have worn. The interpretation I Medici with its BackPack is the right compromise between class, practicality and quality.
At the contrary, If you are looking for a fashion revival, the men’s shoulder bags are an item that you find out of your grandparents or father wardrobe. A shoulder bag is not as small as a baby carrier, but it is large and practical enough to hold everything you need for traveling in the weekend or cruising around town other days. But?not only that, the one-side bag has all the advantage and originality you need to be the king of style, as is our Business Grande Bag.

If, on the other hand, you want a travel bag big enough to carry a change of clothes, toiletries and perhaps all the technological and manly devices, the travel bags for men are your first choice and certainly the best. Start with this travel bag, a medium-sized travel duffel?Bauletto made of full-grain calf leather completely made in Italy, so you can show off all your charm in terms of style, yes, it’s not our business, but yes…it is!
Instead of the hand bags you can opt for something more capacious and sophisticated masculine: The Medici in Florence has also thought about this, our 9300, the real Pak-n-Stak. A beautiful travel bag in brown leather to be worn strictly by hand or over the shoulder.
About bags for men, the keyword is essential: elegant, durable, to carry everything you need to a professional
Now you have some guidance on how to choose what you need, what are you waiting for? Choose Now!

The Real Most Expensive Bag of All Times!

The bag represents for women one of those objects to which all, or almost, can not really give up. Each wardrobe of a woman contains a varied number of bags regardless of her age, style, profession or work.

There is a bag for every role that any woman hopes to cover, for every image she intends to design. Every occasion, on the other hand, recalls the right bag: those for the day, for work, for the evening, which always give that extra touch of elegance. There are also bags now become symbols, style icons. Others still of inestimable value where few “lucky” can afford to own, collect and wear.

If someone told you that the one auctioned by Christie’s is the most expensive bag ever sold in the world they told you the fake! The Herm?s Birkin model is very beautiful, with 240 diamonds and white gold buckles. To win it, it was necessary to spend a fortune, around 400 thousand euros.

But the real number one, the MOST EXPENSIVE in the world is this: the Thousand and One Nights, a heart-shaped diamond bag made by Mouawad. It is made by hand by ten artisans together, which took 8,800 hours to finish it: it is 18 carat gold, set 4.517 diamonds, including 56 pink and 105 yellow diamonds. The carats in total come to almost 400, and costs 3.8 million dollars, other than the 400k of Hermes! Anyway, if could not buy the?Thousand and One Nights by Mouawad you can still choose between our collection of Best Italian Leather Bags by I Medici of Florence!

Vintage Cars Leather Luggage

The Vintage charm of a vintage car and its Luggage

Certainly luggage, trave bags have done so much road. They tell ways of traveling, habits, and cultures of people, of times. So the suitcases for vintage cars, a fascinating accessory for travelers. For each type of traveler corresponds, in fact, a different type of baggage (from the French word “bagage”, that indicated the convoy, with the equipment following the army). From the finely decorated trunks, to the cardboard suitcases of the emigrants, from the saddlebags to the briefcase, from the suitcase to the trolley: so the baggage has changed over the centuries.

And with him the way we travel. The evolution of luggage allows us to reconstruct the way we traveled in the past, and above all the spirit with which we moved from one place to another. In the Middle Ages, for example, the nobles were made to build removable furniture so that it was possible to transport them from one fiefdom to another. In the 1700s there was no aristocratic family that did not undertake a journey with carriages overloaded with trunks and hat boxes.

Today the luggage is something that you can choose between many different material and design, but nothing is so perfect for vintage cars as leather travel bags are.

Our beautiful suitcase by I Medici of Florence are made entirely of genuine leather with entirely handmade manufacture, excellently finished and is the ideal item to beautify any car, especially vintage and old cars. It can be safely used to carry anything (obviously not food and drinks!) During rallies or excursions in vintage cars, because even if beautiful it is very strong and resistant. If it seems to you to be wasted on your vintage car, you can use it to transport documents or as an old-fashioned folder. The classic and retro style gives it an ancient and precious flavor that does not go unnoticed. The quality can be seen and touched by hand (eyes) here!?


Best leather, How to recognize it

Buying high quality leather items is not always simple and easy as it seems if you are not choosing from I Medici in Firenze store.

Clearly you can simply choose a leather bag from us or go around and pay without worrying about the item quality, but we think that if you are looking for something special and lasting, there are some details and suggestion to follow that I Medici in Firenze could tell if you are not buying at our store (we really know you’ll never do that).?

First: take care of all the details, including wires, zips and quality of metal parts. For a quick reference here we give to you the seven elements you got to know?to buy a good leather bag.

1. One shot one kill: (real) Made in Italy products
Buying items of leather? Made in Italy is the first element for quality leather items and handbags.?And you will recognize them from the inside or outside printed logo: Made in Italy. Be careful the Made in Italy brand? is not enough to guarantee the best quality? but allows you be in right direction.? Then choose the named and famous Brands: as i Medici in Firenze is, a brand with a long history in quality leather production. You will need additional characteristics to find a excellent leather product, see below.

2. Carefully observe the?leather
If possible?examine the leather item?you are about to buy, every detail, every finish, and if it is Made in Italy you will see an item of high?quality, high details creation. If not passible as with ecommerce: check for the possibility of the return of the item (we got it 🙂 ).?Important:?the smell. You need to smell a good scent, the genuine skin the leather is a pleasure to smell, if the leather?smells good this is a quality signal. No vinyl or glue accent must be present.
High quality leather is heavier than the other type of leather, that is due to its high fiber density: so the higher is, the better the quality is.

3. The ecological Vegetable treatment?
Today, the ecological aspect of a genuine leather?product is necessary, the leather?products?with vegetal tanning treatment?allows makers to have handbags made with products that are?not harmful?to our environment. And also do not cause irritation?to those who use the leather bag. The vegetal tanned?treatment is typical of the Tuscany area and I medici in Firenze sell only this kind of? green products .

4. Check all seams
After checking the material, the stitching check is passed.?The handmade seam is more durable and beautiful to see than the one made by machinery,?both are great but the hand made makes the product more expensive.

5. The Price and the seller
You will never see a real quality leather bag, purse, briefcase or wallet a the price of a plastic or nylon bag because the price of the material is very different so, after checking the previous points be careful to price. Understand us: you don’t have to pay thousand? of euros for a quality bag but it if very, very difficult that some one decide to sell you quality product at super discount price, if price seems unbelievable probably… it is (or the items is not good as they told you). So be careful. And last but not least: the place where you buy. You have to feel? free to choose, to refuse, to came back. Buy products in place where you know they produce the leather items, buy form well known resellers.

To conclude,?if you want to buy a quality leather bag you can do two things: do your tests and take your risks?and go crazy buying from other sellers or more simply?choosing from??wonderful leather bags?offered by? I Medici in Firenze, 100% high quality Italian products.

Real Leather: A Few Tips to Preserve your Bags


Dear? Women, our purses are probably the most loved and used accessories and often we also spend a lot of money buying them. This is why it is essential to know how to keep your bags tidy and clean by intervening in the correct way in case of problems

Especially if made in real leather or calfskin, the bag is certainly the number one accessory for women, a bag is used in every circumstance, during the day or for the evening. And using the leather bags unfortunately it could happens to damage it. So, in order to preserve it to use it over time, it is necessary to dedicate particular care and attention to this beautiful material.

Here are some simple and quick tips to keep your leather bags magnificent for a long:

SCRATCHES – For any scratches it is possible to use the rubber or magic sponge available in all the supermarkets, which is normally used to remove stains from the walls, that often solve little problems of day by day use.

SUEDE – If the stain concerns a suede bag, to keep it in a good state of preservation, it is possible to use of special sprays normally sold by shoemakers, while to eliminate dirt you can use a specific or a wet sponge.

CALFSKIN – To take care of a magnificent leather bag and restore shine and softness: it is possible to use a cotton fiock soaked in facial cleansing milk and, subsequently, shine with a cream that is neutral.

REAL LEATHER – To clean the genuine leather bag you must avoid aggressive products that could worsen the situation.
Here is what you need to do: rub it gently with a cotton fioc or a soft cloth soaked in facial cleansing milk, but without spreading it on the bag directly but only on the cotton fioc; alternatively, cow’s milk can be used with the same procedure.

Remember, above all, that regardless of the material it is a good rule to avoid immersing your bag in water (we know, you are not crazy 🙂 ), and of course never put it in the washing machine! Finally, when you decide to put it away at the end of the season, store it in a cloth bag along with some sugar cubes, at the moment you will need it your bag will be still perfect as new.

Handmade Italian leather bags, why to choose it!

“As the time goes the leather bag lives” (G. Bedarida, I Medici in Firenze founder),

That is a simple truth that tells about leather items durability and their fashion during the time.

We are women, we love the bags, but, whether you are women or men, you know that bags, leather bags, are one of the essential elements of fashion in any wardrobe and time. The bags, after the shoes (but some women say even before) are one of the most important items,?it is not just a question of aesthetics to choose one appropriate to our clothes but also a question of functionality as they will transport your effects personal and, from this, must ensure comfort as also it compose your personal style.

A beautiful bag goes over the time to wear but also to changes in fashion and surely in this category are the leather bags … able to survive any style and any fashion revolution. Leather bags, due to their qualities are designed specifically to last, just think of the quality of the materials they are made with, the perfection of craftsmanship and their design, in which time and creativity are committed to create a product capable of beating fashions, times and all the looks. Finally, it’s a simple but not so clear to all (especially men 😉 ) that the bags, I Medici in Firenze bags) are able to bring a distinctive touch to the person who wears them and give to our personality a particular fashion style. Can you believe me that a bag is the so called icing on the cake.

Think about it, immagine it in your mind, how many time you immagine how to give a nice touch to your look? Here is the reply: handcrafted leather bags are perfect for upgrade your look, they are able to bring a touch of glamor to simple denim look or a too much serious and professional outfit. It could be said that they are the salt that gives flavor to the menu of our style. When the bags with which we accompany are well chosen, they end up becoming an extension of ourselves and, therefore, no longer simple ornaments to carry keys, cards, wallets and other personal objects.

For all these reasons, but we are sure fr 1000 personal other that every woman (and man) got, choosing leather bags, craft bags is not a simple way to spend money but a great touch for look and personality, a way of live and also……cuddles for our souls!

Holidays, how to choose your luggage, a few best tips

A dreamed Holiday in Tuscany, now is your time, time to discover food and Made in Italy products, high quality and food pleasure so?you really need a travel bag or?a suitcase.

That is clear: everyone loves to go on vacation and things to evaluate are many. Are you are traveling by plane?? So you have to meet a certain weight (around 15 kg) and the same is true for the size,?otherwise you will be charged for each extra Money!

But real problem is ….. not just prepare the items but also which suitcase or bag to choose?!
I Medici in Firenze have know how to advise you. You should know that there are many types of suitcases: rigid,?soft and semirigid, large, medium and small, of different materials (plastic, cloth, carbon, leather) of different colors and wheight.

Choosing the type of suitcase depends on what travel you want to do:?What do you use to? traveling? Is it?a weekend on the wine route or in the Chianti, is it a nice trip to Tuscany cities like Siena, Livorno, Florence ,Pisa? And the the purpose? Is it Adventure, business holiday? is It a relaxing tour of Uffizi or Museums?

A rigid suitcase is the best for Plane traveling. It is shock resistant, bulky, wide, waterproof the suitcase is for you: robust, for a long trip in an airplane; as you know that luggage are not handled with care. Semi-rigid and soft suitcases are perfect for traveling by train or car, when space is limited and therefore need to be adapted to the best. Yes, they are used also in the air, but we recommend to safe them with the cellophane at the airport to prevent opening and robbery.

Finally, if? you came back from Tuscany and you have not bought a leather bag, you can not miss the possibility to receive it at home directly, by choosing one of our I Medici travel bags (IM9300?or?IM9100?for example),?it will be your best travel companion.