Arranging Your bags! Some suggestions to solve!

Arranging handbags at home is an activity that will take you some time, so take a deep breath and take all the time you need. If all goes well it is a demanding job (and boring too) that you will do only once, then everything is to respect the order created.

Will you really need all the bags you have in the wardrobe? How many have you not been wearing since time immemorial? Which ones no longer meet your taste (perhaps given away by that idiot of your ex)?

Sorting and cleaning you bags, leather made, canvas made, or anything else meda, will help us to order, but also to free up space for new purchases without guilt. If among the thousand bags that crowd your closet there are some that don’t make sense anymore, there are four alternatives:

Can you believe that you can….? What? Yes, you have so much bags, and so your friends so you can…trade them!
Or you can sell them, because the luxury second-hand market is very flourishing, or…
or if they just don’t make sense anymore, give them as a present!

The best way to organize bags in the wardrobe is to divide them by occasion of use and taking seasonality into consideration. So here’s how to optimally arrange the bags in the closet, in the boxes and hung!

How to store bags in the closet
One of the possible storage places for our wonderful creations of leather goods is the wardrobe, perhaps a whole one, completely dedicated to accessories.

Shelves can be organized quite simply. We dedicate a shelf to work day bags, ordering them according to the season, another for evening clutches and clutches and another for leisure day bags. Another shelf for larger bags such as weekends or sports bags.

To better arrange the bags, we can rely on the organizers or use the matryoshka technique that involves inserting them into one another.

The best thing is that each has its own space and is kept in its protective bag.

In the boxes
The boxes make the wardrobe much tidier, especially if we have a walk-in closet or an open wardrobe.With labels we can identify each box with the models we need at a glance.

If the space in the house is what it is, we can alternatively organize the bags vertically.

There are various tools on the market that allow you to hang more bags behind the wardrobe door, behind a door or alternatively inside the wardrobe. They are space-saving solutions that can save us even from the prevailing chaos.

So…here are our suggestion and…may be you have more? Let us know!