What is bag for a woman? Her life!

The bag for a woman is as an ID Card, where You can find a diary where, in random order, she notes dreams, pains and hopes between an aperitif with her friends and the withdrawal of the shirts in the dry cleaners. In a woman’s bag you can find sunglasses to cover the signs of a night of love passed in the arms of her man or to hide eyes that are swollen with tears. You can find the phone casket of treasures, memories and messages.

In a woman’s bag you can find the keys to her love nest, jealously guarded for fear of losing them again. You can find rubber bands and hairpins, hidden on the bottom, like a magical and secret place. In a woman’s bag you can find the wallet, which tells who she is and who she was, that keeps photos of those she loves and the money she earned with hard work, love and dedication. In a woman’s bag there are secrets, years passed and years to come, there are loves, bitter tears and laughter with friends.

It will always be too small to contain the world that she is, and too big to quickly find keys and cell phone. A woman’s bag is a whole universe that somehow tells where she comes from and where she goes. This is why it is so important to have a special bag, if you have to buy it for yourself or as a gift. Because, however small compared to our ego, it knows how to contain the survival kit for day by day life, whether it is true or psychological ?and please remember: never rummage on it if it is not your one!