The Real Most Expensive Bag of All Times!

The bag represents for women one of those objects to which all, or almost, can not really give up. Each wardrobe of a woman contains a varied number of bags regardless of her age, style, profession or work.

There is a bag for every role that any woman hopes to cover, for every image she intends to design. Every occasion, on the other hand, recalls the right bag: those for the day, for work, for the evening, which always give that extra touch of elegance. There are also bags now become symbols, style icons. Others still of inestimable value where few “lucky” can afford to own, collect and wear.

If someone told you that the one auctioned by Christie’s is the most expensive bag ever sold in the world they told you the fake! The Hermès Birkin model is very beautiful, with 240 diamonds and white gold buckles. To win it, it was necessary to spend a fortune, around 400 thousand euros.

But the real number one, the MOST EXPENSIVE in the world is this: the Thousand and One Nights, a heart-shaped diamond bag made by Mouawad. It is made by hand by ten artisans together, which took 8,800 hours to finish it: it is 18 carat gold, set 4.517 diamonds, including 56 pink and 105 yellow diamonds. The carats in total come to almost 400, and costs 3.8 million dollars, other than the 400k of Hermes! Anyway, if could not buy the Thousand and One Nights by Mouawad you can still choose between our collection of Best Italian Leather Bags by I Medici of Florence!

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